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 Donate Now
We offer three easy ways to make a donation. You can send your donation by mail, donate online or call us at: 305.446.6216.

Your Donations go towards providing children with our amazing programs and workhops

Visual Arts                                                                              Music                                                                                  Dance
Robotics                                                                            Computer Lab                                                           Performing Arts
Home Work Supervision                                       Reading and Math tutoring                                                      Parenting Classes
Supervised outdoor activities and sports                          Gardening                                                                  Visiting musicians
Conflict Resolution Workshops                                                                                                           Learning Math through cooking
Great Expectations Workshops                                                                                                           Cultural Enrichment Workshops
                                                             Botany Workshops at The Kampong Botanical Garden
                                                                 Girls Who Run The World Leadership Program
                                                      Interactive music workshops with the Cleveland Orchestra

Your Donations Do Help
Your donation at any level will help us in many ways. Please see how you can help or Donate using Paypal with one of our options below.


To Contribute By Mail

Please consider an annual gift. Please feel free to mail in your contribution to:
Coconut Grove Cares
3870 Washington Avenue
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
***Make payable to Coconut Grove Cares.

To Visit
If your business or organization would like to offer support to Coconut Grove Cares, please call us at (305) 446-6217 to schedule a special tour of The Barnyard.

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